"PEA VOLTA makes it convenient for EV users to complete their charging by themselves in one app"

PEA VOLTA Platform is a digital EV charging management platform developed by PEA to facilitate EV users and EV charging station operators together with relevant services.

The platform has a system for monitoring and managing charging station. There are also a variety of service functions that meet business requirements.

With the aim to promote EV usage in Thailand, PEA has opened 57 PEA VOLTA charging stations and more stations will be opened a total of 73 stations nationwide by 2021. In addition, PEA plans to totally provide 263 charging stations by 2023.

PEA VOLTA Mobile Application

PEA VOLTA charging stations are now available for EV users to charge and pay via PEA VOLTA mobile application.

It's convenient for EV users to complete their charging by themselves in one app. The key features consist of searching for nearby charging stations, navigation, start / stop charging, making payment and reviewing usage history with customer service 24 hours.

PEA VOLTA Charging Station

Each PEA VOLTA charging station provides 3 standards of charging connectors, including

  • AC Type 2 (43 kW)
  • DC CHAdeMO (50 kW)
  • CCS Combo II (50 kW)

Starting from PEA VOLTA charging station at PEA head office in Bangkok, there are many more stations along the main routes covering the north, south, east, west, and northeast to support EV users traveling across the country.


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