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The transition towards electric mobility is accelerating and boosting demand for private and public parking garages. With the right charging solution, your electric vehicle is always ready to go. Company can offer employees and clients the convenience of charging their vehicles while on their premises.

Wallbox Charging solutions will change your energy consumption pattern, and that must be considered when choosing the best charger. The safest option is to adopt a smart charger, which enables the exchange of data between your car, the grid, the central system, and the charger. This gives you control over its performance, your total energy consumption, real-time management of your charging infrastructure and ultimately, the most efficient usage. Moreover, Wallbox also offers Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) solutions that can be integrated with other platforms to give you interoperability as your charging infrastructure grows.


Start Charging Smarter with #EGATxWallbox

♦ Intelligent
  Schedule and monitor charging sessions

♦ Fast

Reduce charging time by more than half*

♦ Simple
  User-friendly size and design

♦ Connected
  Control from anywhere via the app

*Compared to a conventional plug with most models

Improve Your Charger Intelligence with Dynamic Load Management

Improve your charger intelligence with our dynamic load management solution to avoid blackouts and surprise energy bills. It will measure your building's live energy usage and automatically adjusts the change to all connected EV's in harmony with your local grid's capacity.

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EVAT promotes the use of EV in Thailand, which will lead to a reduction of road pollution especially in major cities.
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