5G's role in the future of mobility in Thailand

The roll-out of 5G continues to impact our lives and its impact will only continue to grow. Particularly the automotive and transportation verticals are undergoing a profound transformation as the 5G technology facilitate secure and fast data communications. The next generation of transportation solutions makes transportation safer, greener, and smarter. If you are interested in getting the latest insights in 5G powered mobility technologies which are optimizing infrastructure, travel, public services, and utilities join our next BYOND Thursday meetup.

Panel Discussion: 5G's role in the future of mobility in Thailand

Panelist: Peter Rankl, Continental Automotive
Panelist: Krisda Utamote, Electric Vehicle Association Thailand
Panelist: Jostein Aksnes , Seven Peaks Software
Moderator: Shane Leese, Seven Peaks Software

The venue for this event is hosted by Seven Peaks Software office, which is on the 7th floor of The PARQ (West Wing) in the heart of Bangkok. This wonderful location is easily accessible to everyone, whether by public transit (MRT Queen Sirikit) or personal vehicles.

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EVAT promotes the use of EV in Thailand, which will lead to a reduction of road pollution especially in major cities.
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